Melanoma trials at The Christie

You may be asked if you would like to take part in a clinical trial in order to test a new drug or to donate some blood or a tissue sample which may help in our understanding of melanoma.

If you are on a drug trial a research nurse will co-ordinate your care and treatment schedule, and will be a good source of advice about the trial. You will be introduced to the research nurse when you consent to be in a trial.

Current open trials

  • COMBI-LXH A randomized, open-label, multi-arm, two-part, phase II study to assess the efficacy and safety of multiple LXH254 combinations in patients with previously treated unresectable or metastatic BRAFV600 or NRAS mutant melanoma.
  • PRIMM - Predicting Response to Immunotherapy for Melanoma with gut Microbiome and metabolomics
  • INITIUM - A Randomized Phase II, Open-label, Active-controlled, Multicentre Study Investigating the Efficacy and Safety of UV1 Vaccination in Combination with Nivolumab and Ipilimumab as First-line Treatment of Patients with Unresectable or Metastatic Melanoma (UV1-202).
  • Immunocore IMCgp100-201 - A Phase Ib/II Open-label, Multi-center Study of the Safety and Efficacy of IMCgp100 in Combination with Durvalumab (MEDI4736) or Tremelimumab or the Combination of Durvalumab and Tremelimumab Compared to IMCgp100 Alone in Patients with Advanced Melanoma. This trial is open to recruitment following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, currently no slots are available.
  • 18_DOG12_106 - A randomized, open-label, phase II open platform study evaluating the efficacy and safety of novel spartalizumab (PDR001) combinations in previously treated unresectable or metastatic melanoma (PLATFORM). Please note: there are no cohorts currently open to recruitment for this trial
  • CAcTUS A parallel arm, biomarker driven, phase II feasibility trial to determine the role of circulating tumour DNA in guiding a switch between targeted therapy and immune therapy in patients with advanced cutaneous melanoma
  • DANTE 18_DOG12_103 - A randomised phase III trial to evaluate the duration of Anti-PD1 monoclonal antibody treatment in patients with metastatic melanoma
  • 13_DOG12_70 - Molecular characterisation of serial tumour samples and their correlation with circulating biomarkers and other biospecimens taken during the clinical course of patients receiving treatment for melanoma.
  • CA 045-001 - A Phase 3, Randomized, Open-label Study of NKTR-214 Combined with Nivolumab Versus Nivolumab in Participants with Previously Untreated Unresectable or Metastatic Melanoma.

Last updated: March 2023