Lymphoma clinical nurse specialist service

The lymphoma nurses:

  • are experienced cancer nurses who specialise in the care and support of people with Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma,
  • work closely with the team of doctors and other healthcare professionals involved in your care as your key worker,
  • provide a confidential service,
  • offer specialist information and advice,
  • provide time to discuss your problems or concerns,
  • can help discuss your treatment options,
  • help with physical and emotional problems relating to your illness or treatment side effects,
  • provide information and support for relatives and friends,
  • can be a point of contact when problems arise, and
  • are a link to other health professionals involved in your care at home and in hospital.

Your lymphoma nurses are:

You can contact the team by telephone on 0161 446 8573 (answer phone available) or by email at

Last updated: February 2023