Services in the IPU

We deliver day case surgeries, perform endoscopies and hold plastics clinics.

In the Integrated Procedures Unit (IPU), we deliver a number of day-patient services in one building. Our services include:

  • a specialist nurse-led procedures team which carries out port, PICC line and Hickman line insertions,
  • endoscopies,
  • two interventional radiology rooms for image-guided procedures – for example, inserting stents,
  • pain management,
  • ultrasounds,
  • an operating theatre undertaking day-case local anaesthetic surgeries,
  • a drop-in gastrostomy clinic,
  • a number of clinics including plastics, urology and dressing clinics.

We also have a second-stage recovery area for patients who have had general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic. Once patients have recovered from the anaesthetic, they will then be discharged from the IPU.

The benefits of the IPU

The IPU opened in 2017. It aimed to provide treatment for day-case patients in one place. This would save patients time and make their experience at The Christie calmer and unified.

Previously, patients would have to go to different department for different day-case treatments. Having these services under one roof helps us reduce waiting times and speed up treatment sessions.

It also means we can eliminate transfers between departments and reduce the need for any unnecessary overnight stays.

Can I visit patients in the IPU?

We don’t have visiting times in the IPU as we are a day unit – all our patients are discharged within the day.

Sometimes, patients will be admitted to the IPU when they are already inpatients in The Christie. In this case, they may be discharged back to the hospital after their treatment on the IPU.

If this is case, you can visit your friend or relative on their ward once they have been discharged from the IPU.

Last updated: February 2023