Nasopharyngeal cancer

The nasopharynx is the upper part of the throat, behind the nose. Cancers that develop here are called nasopharyngeal cancers.

Nasopharyngeal cancer is rare in the UK. Risk factors include the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), smoking and alcohol.

A diagram showing the anatomy of the Pharynx. This includes the pharynx, which is made up of the nasopharynx, the oropharynx and the hypopharynx. It also show the oesophagus, the trachea, the hyoid bone, the larynx, the oral cavity and the nasal cavity.

Patients may notice a lump in the neck, blocked nose, nose bleed, changes in hearing, earache. Nasopharyngeal cancer is often treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Last updated: March 2023