Nutrition and dietetics

If you are undergoing treatment for head and neck cancer, you may be assessed by a dietitian before or during your treatment.

Dietitians are core members of the head and neck team and have an essential role in assessing, managing and treating the nutritional problems that these cancers and their treatment cause.

Your dietitian will:

  • advise the team on the best way to manage your diet during your treatment,
  • provide you and your family/carers with practical dietary information, including suitable foods and the best textures for you to choose, portion sizes and meal patterns as your treatment progresses,
  • provide you and your family/carers with support and guidance regarding nutrition support. This may include the use of special nutritional supplement drinks and tube feeding, if this is felt to be in your best interest,
  • arrange local follow-up when your treatment finishes.

If you are already under the care of a dietitian, have a feeding tube in place or if you have any concerns regarding your weight, appetite or dietary intake, please let your doctor or nurse know.

Last updated: February 2023