We work very closely with other teams including speech and language therapy, nutrition and dietetics to ensure every patient is cared for efficiently and holistically.

Consultant oncologists

Our consultants are experienced in chemotherapy and other systemic treatments, and radiotherapy.

Dr Andrew Sykes

Dr Lip Lee

Dr Kate Garcez

Dr David Thomson

Dr Andrew McPartlin

Dr Robert Metcalf

Nurse clinicians

Our nurse clinicians are trained to deliver an advanced level of service, including prescribing chemotherapy and other medications. Depending on the reason why you’re attending a clinic with us, you may see a nurse clinician instead of a doctor.

  • Kathleen Mais
  • Claire McVey (Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

Clinical nurse specialists 

These experienced nurses support you throughout your care and are sometimes referred to as your key worker or Macmillan nurse. You may meet them at your first clinic appointment and they are able to support patients and relatives at any point during treatment or follow-up periods.

Clinical nurse specialists are also present on ward rounds and will see you if you come to stay in hospital as an inpatient. 

  • Debbie Elliott
  • John Baron 

Research nurses

  • Suzanne Allibone (until end of March 2019)
  • Rachael Wilding (from December 2018)
  • Joe Ward
  • Tara Bolger