Preparing for Discharge

It is helpful to think about your discharge as early as possible.

  • Do you have support at home or do you think you will need additional help? Do you have someone who could come and stay with you on discharge?
  • Do you have someone who can help with shopping, cleaning and heavy lifting? Think about stocking up the freezer with pre-cooked foods.
  • Will you find it difficult to manage personal hygiene? Do you have a bath or shower?
  • If stairs are difficult, do you have a toilet downstairs or room for downstairs living? Practical equipment can be prepared or put in place in advance.
  • If you are staying with someone else on discharge, do you have the correct GP cover? You may need to register with a different GP on a temporary basis.

Patient with nurse

It is our goal to provide a safe and timely discharge. By planning early we can identify any support you may need when you leave hospital and put a plan into place. If you feel you are likely to experience any difficulties then a social worker or occupational therapist will be able to help. Please discuss this with your keyworker, at your pre-operative assessment or with a member of staff on the ward.

Last updated: February 2023