Admission Process

To keep you as relaxed as possible we would like you to be at home for as long as possible prior to your surgery. Having a good night’s sleep is more likely in your own bed. We therefore prefer to admit you on the day of your surgery.

On arrival you will go to the Surgical Admissions Unit. For details about the wards please click here. You can use our Christie wayfinding app to show you the quickest route to your destination.

The arrival time for your admission is on your admission letter. Admission times are normally 07:00 or 10.00 am but you may not go to theatre until later in the day. We will aim to give you an idea of when your surgery is expected and will continue to allow you to drink until two hours prior. There can be a lot of waiting around so bring something to read! One visitor can remain with you.


Once you have arrived, a member of staff will check your details. You will be asked to sit in the waiting room until the nurses are ready to complete your admission. You will see the consultant and the anaesthetist. This is a good time to ask any outstanding questions you may have. Make a list of these prior to coming into hospital so that you do not forget them. The nurses will undertake any outstanding tests and if you require an enema or suppositories these will be given. You will be asked to put on your hospital gown and wear elastic stockings that help prevent blood clots. Please bring a dressing gown and slippers.

You will be asked a number of questions on three different occasions. This is the surgical checklist. It is an important safety check to ensure the important information about you and your treatment is correct.

When they are ready for you, if you are able, you will be asked to walk to theatre. If you are unable to walk you will be taken in a wheelchair or on a trolley.

You can read more about anaesthetics and your surgery on their web pages.

Last updated: March 2023