Activity and Fitness

It is important for you to remain active and keep as fit and healthy as possible after your surgery.

Keeping active will improve your physical health and your psychological wellbeing. The Physiotherapists will talk to you prior to discharge about what activities are safe to do and when.

There are many services both within The Christie and around the North West to help you make the first steps into an active lifestyle.

Local services

Visit the information centre (department 3), to collect information about The Christie services. These include:

  • Be Active Stay Active – a useful guide on exercising during and after treatment

  • Macmillan Move More – a Macmillan guide to becoming more active that includes an exercise DVD and a physical activity booklet

  • Maggie’s – check out their timetable to see what classes they have on this week [Opens in a new window]

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North West Services

Last updated: March 2023