Endocrinology nursing team

Aron Phillips is a staff nurse based within the endocrinology department. He has many years’ experience in both acute and outpatient settings, with a background in ophthalmology.
His role entails carrying out a variety of dynamic testing in the diagnosis of endocrine and metabolic disorders, along with teaching patients how to manage their conditions. Aron also operates the unit’s DEXA scanner used in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. 

Melanie Tomlinson is the sister in the endocrinology department. She first qualified in 1994 at Manchester Royal Infirmary and has since worked in both NHS and Private sector hospitals.
She has worked in a variety of settings such as general medicine, oncology, head and neck surgery, day-case surgery and walk-in centre.  Her role as sister also includes carrying out testing on the ward for endocrinology patients, patient education.
Melanie has a particular interest in the care and treatment of patients with thyroid problems.

Sharon Stansfield is an assistant practitioner in the endocrinology department.
She works in the blood room, taking samples, on the unit assisting with dynamic function tests, provides patient education for patients needing replacement steroids, helps prepare documentation needed for patient testing and also is fully qualified to operate the DEXA scanner.   

Dana Tallon is a healthcare assistant in the endocrinology department. She originally started off by working in reception booking patients in.
She assists nurses with patients on the ward, provides support to patients, and helps to maintain a clean and safe environment. She is proficient in siting cannulas, taking blood, recording observations and performing ECGs. 

Fatima Osman is a staff nurse in the endocrinology department. 4 months into her post, she volunteered to be seconded to the haematology ward due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
She is now back in post in the endocrinology department and works on the ward performing dynamic function tests, administering treatments and providing patient education. 

Caroline Taylor first became a health care assistant in 2000. She has worked in a variety of roles since then in the NHS and the private sector. 
She assists with patients on the ward, is in charge of ordering supplies, takes bloods and records observations which assist in the smooth running of the clinics.

Janine Hurst is our senior sister and qualified as a nurse in 2004. Janine joined the endocrinology department in 2015, initially as our clinical research nurse. 
Since 2017, she has worked in the department undertaking endocrine investigations for pituitary, thyroid and adrenal conditions. 
Janine is also a nurse independent prescriber and is the lead for our nurse-led clinics. Patients who require an injectable treatment, such as growth hormone or testosterone replacement, are seen by Janine in clinic where she initiates first doses and monitors response to treatment.

Last updated: February 2023