The HEARTS relaxation process

Hands on

The HEARTS Process draws on a range of natural skills and sensory experiences. These include Hands-on contact, Empathy, Aromas, Relaxation, Textures and Sound. The benefits realised from a HEARTS approach may be profound and the different aspects can be used in any combination for people who are anxious, in pain, or unable to sleep. HEARTS always includes physical contact – the ‘hands-on’ approach – and is always given through fabric of some kind. Other components of HEARTS can be used in a variety of combinations to make relaxation as easy for the client as possible for the receiver. 

HEARTS was designed to be used where conventional massage techniques were inappropriate, and in any situation where well intentioned touch could be beneficial.  It can be given through clothes & bed covers so there is no need for patients to remove clothing. 

Last updated: February 2023