The Team

The team is led by Dr. Jacqui Stringer. The team comprises of approx. 30 self-employed therapists and a few volunteer therapists who all perform different therapies and work throughout the hospital. 

Dr Jacqui Stringer PhD, BSc, RGN, MIFPA, Winston Churchill Fellow 2003.

Jacqui is Co-lead for the complementary therapy team at The Christie with a focus on the clinical management of patients with complex physiological and / or psychological needs. She has a background in haematology & oncology nursing with a focus on the psychological support of the patient. Jacqui initiated an aromatherapy service on the transplant unit of The Christie in 1997. She completed a PhD In 2005 looking at the influence of massage and aromatherapy on the stress levels of patients undergoing high dose chemotherapy whilst nursed in isolation.  The current role includes maintaining a clinical case load where standard licensed medications are used in conjunction with off-license essential oil preparations to facilitate maximum healing / symptom support, for example in wound care. The role involves audit and research relating to the clinical work, such as the use of essential oils to minimise the side effects of treatment (e.g. menopausal symptoms or peripheral neuropathy). The research also necessitates collaborative work with businesses and other healthcare institutions, particularly in relation to development of novel medicinal products for licenced use within the wider NHS.

Last updated: February 2023