The Rhythm of Life choir sings to foster a sense of wellbeing and harmony. The choir sing in acapella style (with no music), performing songs from all over the world.

They use singing as therapy, as a means of forgetting about what’s going on, as a way of coming together in unity, feeling the joy from singing as well as all the added health benefits and to feel uplifted (especially when the going gets tough) .

You may have seen the Rhythm of Life Choir featuring in Cold Feet in February 2019. The choir has also made an appearance on the BBC programme SING with Gareth Malone.

How to join the Rhythm of Life choir

Anyone affected by cancer is welcome to join the Rhythm of Life choir. The choir consists of staff, patients, friends and family. You don’t need any experience of singing in a choir to join.

The Rhythm of Life Choir meets every week on a Monday, alternating between 7.30pm in The Christie conservatory and 1pm at the Maggie’s Centre, Withington.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Ros Fox (staff member and organiser) on 0161 446 3996 or email

Feedback for the Rhythm of Life choir

You can see some of the lovely feedback we’ve had about The Rhythm of Life choir below:

“Choir enables me to forget for a short period all the anxieties I have about my diagnosis.”
“It has been such an uplifting and amazing experience being part of the choir, when I ‘joined’ I never thought how much the friendship, support and love of singing would bring such a mixed group of people together!”
“Being able to sing again is just superb and the feeling in the group is relaxed and friendly.”

You can also read more about the Rhythm of Life choir on The Christie blog.

Last updated: December 2019