The four A's

Staying healthy during and beyond cancer treatment

One in three people will develop some form of cancer. Aside from reducing the risk it is essential we help our patients to maximise the benefits of treatment by making and maintaining life style changes. Research has identified that just by spending a few minutes talking to health professionals in hospital settings can help you start to explore ways you can make helpful lifestyle changes.

Our frontline staff here at the Christie can help you with Opportunistic Brief Advice - these are the 4 A's. As part of promoting health and wellbeing during and beyond cancer treatment staff will:

  • Ask ….for example - Do you smoke? How often do you drink alcohol? Do you exercise regularly?
  • Advise…It will always be relevant to your health needs now. For example, '…here at the Christie stopping smoking can help with your treatment and reduce its side-effects. Exercise can help your recovery and with fatigue levels.
  • Assist… Can I provide you with information on healthy eating or maybe a booklet on safer drinking?
  • Arrange … Can I refer you to my colleague who is a Smoking Cessation Advisor?

Last updated: March 2023