Living with and beyond cancer films

Living with and beyond cancer - An introduction

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Introduced by Dame Jenni Murray, herself an ex-Christie patient and non-executive director, and featuring contributions from ex-patient John Rothwell, his friend Mark Winters, pro-golfer Phil Barber, and Lucia Pasqualino, Lucia's boyfriend Joe Plant, and her employer Julie Hilling, MP for Bolton West.

Life After Transplant

For many patients undergoing transplantation, living with and beyond their diagnosis can bring a whole new set of challenges. This film aims to explore some of the specific issues for patients who have undergone this treatment and are beginning to look forward to their life ahead.

Featuring contributions from Christie patients Carol Jarvis and Josh Hallam, Josh's family and college friends and tutors, Carol's employer, the musician Seal, and introduced by Dr. Adrian Bloor, Head of Transplantation at The Christie.

Mind and Body

For many people, life after cancer may include a period of significant physiological and psychological adjustment. Parts of the body may be altered or absent, and in the light of these changes, it is important to consider the impact on mental health and wellbeing.

This film explores issues around altered body function, mental health and body image. Featuring contributions from Christie patient Karen Nelson and her friends Philomena Henthorn and Hazel Barker, ex-cancer patient and fine artist Vanessa Denvir, Speech Therapist Helen Rust, and introduced by Lynne Tomlinson, Senior Hypnotherapist at The Christie.


This film focuses on amputations, bone pain and joint problems, avasular necrosis, and the benefits of physical activity for reducing the risk of reoccurrence.

Living with Long Term Cancer

This film focuses on patients who are living with active disease for long periods and are not being treated with curative intent.

Male Sexuality

This film focuses on testicular, penile and prostate cancers, surgery and reconstruction, sexual health, and relationships.

Last updated: March 2023