Keeping up to date

The library has three ways to help you stay up to date: receive KnowledgeShare as soon as new information is published; electronic tables of contents (ETOCs) can be emailed to you as soon as your favourite journals publish a new issue; request update searches to receive new articles related to your areas of interest monthly.


KnowledgeShare is a service that will send you high level evidence, as it is published, from a variety of sources including The King's FundNICE, professional societies and royal colleges

To set up KnowledgeShare alerts you can contact the library so that we can set you up and fine-tune what you are interested in. 

Once you are set up on KnowledgeShare you can log in yourself with an OpenAthens username and password and change your preferences yourself, or ask the library to do so for you. 

Update searches

The library can search a variety of databases including MedlineCINAHL and Embase for journal articles related to your information needs. We can set up alerts for these searches so that you know what is being published on a monthly basis.

Email us the topic that you are interested in and state that you would like to receive updates to the search. For more information about our literature searching service please visit the request a literature search page.

Electronic tables of contents (ETOCs)

Through the library you have access to thousands of journals online. If you tell what journals you are interested in we can email the table of contents of new issues, as soon as they are published.

Last updated: May 2023