Whats New Protons

The Christie proton school

The Christie proton school is a partnership between the proton beam therapy centre at The Christie and The Christie School of Oncology. We also work closely with the Proton Research Team at the University of Manchester.

We deliver high quality, evidenced based-learning, from introductory study days through to highly specialist courses.

Led by Dr Ed Smith and supported by Dr Cathy Heaven from The Christie School of Oncology, the proton school education programme is focused on service development and delivery. We have created the programme based on The Christie team’s own experiences while developing the first high energy NHS proton beam therapy centre in the UK.

The research team, led by Professor Karen Kirkby, has also been integral to the development of the education programme. Is ensures the latest developments in research informs all learning. 

The proton school courses 

We have developed the course programmes with a specialist faculty from the proton beam therapy centre at The Christie, including clinicians, scientists and project managers.

The courses we deliver include: 

Proton therapy programme

  • The Christie proton therapy day (1 day)
  • The Christie proton therapy course (5 days) 

Proton centre/service development programme

  • The Christie proton centre/service development day (1 day)
  • The Christie proton centre/service development course (2 days)

Observational opportunities and fellowships

The Christie proton school also offers a variety of bespoke observational opportunities (up to 2 weeks) and visiting proton fellowships (up to 1 year), based within our specialist teams at the proton beam therapy centre at The Christie.

We are also looking to expand The Christie proton school’s portfolio to include other learning opportunities.

Last updated: May 2023