The vision

The vision for CPCR is to be nationally and internationally recognised for excellence in patient centred cancer research and evidence implementation.

Our place in The Christie Research Strategy

The Christie 20:20 vision is to be a leader in cancer care, not only providing the best outcomes and best experience to patients, relatives, carers and staff, but also leading research developments in cancer care nationally and internationally. The Christie Research Strategy sets a vision to develop a comprehensive research programme and research infrastructure to enable it to be listed as one of the world’s leading comprehensive cancer centres by 2020. Patient-centred research is integral to The Christie achieving this aim.

Research at The Christie is divided into five themes including Radiotherapy, Systemic therapy, Early detection and screening, Late Toxicity and Surgery. Cross cutting all of these are the Trust research groups including Disease Specific Groups, CPCR, and Diagnostics (imaging and pathology), demonstrating the importance of patient experience and values across all Trust research activity. Underpinning the Trust research groups is the infrastructure which ensures delivery of the highest quality of research.

 Our aims

  • Undertaking and facilitating high quality research that is clinically relevant and patient and carer centred 
  • Providing an interface with clinical trials of investigational medicinal products to enhance a patient centred approach 
  • Facilitating the implementation of research findings into practice 
  • Promoting the dissemination of research and practice innovations 
  • Building research capacity and capability for cancer focused clinical staff across Greater Manchester 

Our development framework

We have set out a 4-year plan (2016-2020), of research development that mirrors The Christie 20:20 Vision and the Christie Research Strategy, ensuring that the work of CPCR is congruent with the Trust’s future direction and that outputs are ‘close to practice’. 

To deliver the vision of CPCR it is recognised that commitment and action are required at different levels, from the individual, the organisation, wider NHS and academic partners, whilst ensuring that all that we do remains patient centred. This will be guided by the framework – The Christie 4 P’s: The Christie Patients, The Christie People, The Christie Place, and The Christie Partners. The 4 P’s Framework will provide guidance to support the continual development of CPCR.

Last updated: May 2023