Cancer prevention and early detection

Led by Dr Lorna McWilliams, research in this theme is focused on cancer prevention and early detection.

Current projects

Christie Ambassadors

The aim of this study is to explore people’s views on having conversations about healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention. We want to know what people think would be feasible to create a volunteer Christie Ambassador role to run health promotion interventions aimed at cancer prevention and early detection of cancer symptoms. Data analysis is currently ongoing.


  • Bellhouse, S., McWilliams, L., Firth, J., Yorke, J., & French, D. Are lay health worker interventions an effective approach for cancer prevention and early diagnosis? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Submitted to Psycho Oncology July 2017 (under peer review). 
  • McWilliams, L., Bellhouse, S., French, D., Cowan, R., Heaven, C., & Yorke, J. The acceptability and feasibility of lay-health led interventions for the prevention and early detection of cancer. In prep.

Last updated: May 2023