Recorded Biological Basic of Cancer Therapy: Medical Physics FRCR 1 Revision Workshop From August 2023

The 1-day revision workshop is intended as a revision back up following on from the pre-recorded lectures and is included in the cost of the full week of pre-recorded lectures. The live Zoom event will include links to blank MCQ google forms for exam practice and scores released directly to your email. The event will be recorded and accessible to all registrants via SharePoint for revision purposes until 29 February 2024 in line with the Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024 RCR FRCR examinations.

Low-to-Middle-Income Country (LMIC) course fees are offered at a 50% reduction. Countries eligible for LMIC reduced rate can be found on The World Bank website. Countries listed under the headings "Low-Income Economies" and Lower-Middle-Income Economies" will be considered. If you are currently domicile in an LMIC, please email attaching proof of employment from your current hospital/institute before booking and completing registration on Eventbrite.

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The subjects covered in these pre-recorded video lectures and recorded live question and answer session include:

  • Radiation
  • Linear accelerators
  • Radiation dose measurement
  • Radioactive isotopes
  • Radiation safety
  • Treatment planning
  • IMRT and stereotactictherapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Verification
  • Teletherapy physics

The course covers FRCR part 1 examinations as part of the RCR syllabus.

The teaching is designed for trainee medical and clinical oncologists and incorporates the FRCR part 1 syllabus including candidates for the Royal College FRCR part 1 examinations.

Last updated: March 2024