Cancer and social exclusion

Thursday 14 March to Thursday 13 June 2024, 9.30am to 5pm BST

What to expect

This series looks at cancer beyond the medical model, exploring the social, economic, and commercial determinants of health and the impact of inequality and social exclusion on cancer screening, diagnosis, care, treatment, and outcomes.

With sessions ranging from equitable care for people in socially excluded groups, cancer and loss or erasure of Identity, exploring truly inclusive cancer care for people with additional needs to the importance of making all care psychological and adopting a trauma-informed approach, there is something for everyone.

Intended audience

All the sessions are free and aimed at a diverse audience, including qualified and trainee health and social care professionals, charities, researchers, higher education institutions (HEIs), commissioners, the public, and experts by experience.

Session dates


All sessions are free to attend.

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Last updated: April 2024