What is Biological Basis of Cancer Therapy (BBCT) teaching?

The cancer studies group at The Christie plays a major role in allowing specialist registrars in clinical and medical oncology to fulfil the academic side of their training.

The Biological Basis of Cancer Therapy (BBCT) teaching incorporates the Royal College of Radiologists FRCR part 1 syllabus. It is not solely aimed at clinical oncologists undertaking their FRCR 1 examinations but also medical oncology trainees, PhD students, and University of Manchester intercalated students covering their education syllabus.

We recognise the need for our courses to cover a breadth of topics aimed at an audience representing various levels and disciplines within clinical, medical, and academic learning.

The BBCT teaching provides an understanding of the scientific basis of cancer and its treatments outlined in the Royal College of Radiologists FRCR part 1 syllabus. This incorporates physics, radiobiology, cancer biology including molecular biology, the pharmacology of systemic anti-cancer treatments and medical statistics. This knowledge underpins clinical and medical oncology training and is essential to oncology clinical practice and examinations.

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is exceptionally fortunate to attract very prominent internal and external lecturers from the UK and EU. These lecturers have contributed their expertise to our teaching over more than 20 years and who continue to support our BBCT teaching programme in sharing their areas of expertise.

The BBCT teaching is held once a year for each subject:

  • Radiobiology and Medical Statistics – February (3 days radiobiology/2 days statistics)
  • Medical Physics: Pre-recorded lectures – May
  • Medical Physics One-Day Revision Workshop – August (virtual)
  • Molecular Biology, Chemotherapy and Pharmacology – November (3 days molecular biology/2 days Chemotherapy and Pharmacology)

In 2023, the BBCT training has evolved to a hybrid format. This allows attendees to join on Zoom or attend in person at The Christie Education Centre, which is particularly relevant and practical for overseas attendance. This format is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

All lectures are recorded live (with the exception of the Physics pre-recorded lectures) and made available to Eventbrite registered candidates post event. Recordings are accessible in line with the Spring/Autumn RCR FRCR 1 examinations.

Candidates can also register for the recordings of the live lectures from all the subject areas above if they missed Eventbrite registration.

If you are a clinical oncology or medical oncology trainees, a PhD student, or a University of Manchester intercalated student and you’re interested in any of the BBCT courses at The Christie, please visit our Biological Basis of Cancer Therapy (BBCT) teaching page to sign up.

Last updated: November 2023