Non-medical education

We welcome elective placements from UK-based university nursing and AHP learners but may not be possible due to existing learner commitments. Learning environments range from surgery and critical care to ward-based medical admissions and palliative care settings. You may also experience chemotherapy and radiotherapy delivery.

Radiology and complementary therapy can offer placements to a limited numbers of learners. Learners allocated to learning environments can regularly observe the patient pathway by following a ‘spoke’ to other departments from their ‘hub’ placement and we encourage inter-professional learning.

We hold a number of education events in the School of Oncology and we encourage active participation in these.

Learners and practice educators are also supported by University Link Lecturers (ULL) liaising closely with the Practice Education Team and practice education leads in each learning environment. Learners should expect to work alongside their assessor and supervisors on a 24/7 basis to meet their learning objectives, outcomes and proficiencies whilst experiencing the full range of working practices.

Last updated: July 2022