About us

The Maguire Communication Skill Training Unit are a specialist team of communications skills trainers based at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. We offer workshops in our dedicated training facility at the School of Oncology based in Manchester and online via Zoom.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance the patient experience and wellbeing, and increase professional confidence, job satisfaction and resilience through compassionate, effective communication. Using an evidence-based approach, we develop training materials for all areas of health and care delivery.

Our expertise

Our expertise is in translating values such as compassion, collaboration and respect into an evidence-based skill set that can be embedded into every role at every stage of a health provider’s career, in a way that links to national drivers and organisational needs for quality improvement in care delivery.

Our approach

Within the Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit, we believe communicating effectively is essential to a positive, inclusive and people-centred culture in which staff feel valued, empowered, and supported to deliver the best experience and outcomes for our patients.

Meet the Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit team

Alison Franklin: Senior trainer
Contact email: alison.franklin10@nhs.net

Helen Bradley: Communication skills trainer
Contact email: helen.bradley27@nhs.net

Amy Samouelle: Communication skills trainer
Contact email: a.samouelle@nhs.net

Shirley Crook: Education events coordinator
Contact email: shirley.crook@nhs.net

Claire Turnbull: Senior education events programme coordinator
Contact email: claire.turnbull14@nhs.net

Claire Green: Associate trainer

Nicky Barr: Associate trainer

Sheona Ramsbottom: Associate trainer

Alison Pilsworth: Associate trainer

Last updated: July 2023