Tony Addison, Christie member

Tony wanted to say thanks to The Christie for the treatment he received at the hospital. Here, he explains how fulfilling it is to work with other Christie members to help improve patient experiences.

“After having treatment at The Christie by the very caring doctors, nurses and all staff, I wanted to give something back on a personal basis to support the hospital. I always felt that I was more than just a patient when having treatment.
“As a member, I feel that I am involved in the development of The Christie. It is always looking to the future and how to improve the experience and treatment of patients. You learn so much from meeting fellow members who are from many backgrounds and have such varied ideas and opinions.
“I would encourage anyone to become a member to provide support in many ways. Membership is like being part of an extended family. Meeting other members of The Christie is interesting as they discuss ideas with the staff on how to improve service at the hospital. The talks given at the seminars are interesting and give an insight into progress being made in the treatment of cancer.”


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