Strategic planning framework

This framework will support The Christie to provide life-changing and potentially life-saving research, education and treatment.

The Strategic Planning Framework will help the city council to make decisions about future planning applications and gives The Christie and its neighbours more certainty about future developments.

The planning framework went out for public consultation in February 2014 and was approved by Manchester City Council in June 2014.

Click here to view The Christie Strategic Planning Framework.

You can also read The Christie Strategic Planning Framework Addendum from March 2019.

Last updated: December 2021

Christie stories during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we're doing all we can to make sure patients get the treatment, information and support they need. Read some stories from our patients and staff to find out what The Christie is doing at this difficult time.

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Corinne Faivre Finn
“We have seen a lot of our research staff return to the office. This has massively improved morale as it is a lot easier to connect with people.”
Corinne Faivre-Finn, Christie consultant
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“The experience has allowed me to be able to hear what is not being said. The extraordinary strength and resilience of individuals as they greet you with a smile… when you are aware of the pain and anguish they will be going through.”
Digital services team, redeployed to telephone patients
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“Of course, the COVID-19 virus has not gone away – we have to be cautious and we have to proceed in an appropriate way.”
Professor John Radford, director of research at The Christie
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