Development of the Paterson site

General construction update: 20 May 2022

Outside the new Paterson development, drainage works are ongoing along the site road adjacent to Wilmslow Road, while we are also removing some soil and hardstanding to prepare for additional drainage works. 

Work is also continuing to install cladding on the southern and western sides of the building. We are also working to install acoustic screens, louvres, rainscreens and waterproofing to the façade of the building. Brickwork is also being applied to the western side of the building.

Inside the development on the Paterson site, we are continuing our works to construct internal walls on all floors. We are painting and plastering the interior of the building, and will continue installing lifts, electrical installations and suspended ceilings at various levels throughout the building.

The above works may result in some noise or vibration, but we will work to ensure that any disruption to neighbouring properties is minimised.

Contractor parking

We received feedback from several residents relating to the issue of contractor parking on the roads surrounding the Paterson. We thank you for bringing the issue to our attention, and we apologise for any disruption caused.

The Christie takes these matters seriously, and we are working hard to control contractor parking on local streets. We have regular contact with our contractor regarding this matter and can confirm that our contractors have 2 staff whose role is to challenge any contractors who have parked in inappropriate locations. These staff operate as follows: 

  • 1 member of staff walks the immediate neighbourhood between 6:45am and 8am, specifically advising anyone new to the site not to park in those areas.
  • 1 member of staff walks the wider area from 7am to 5pm identifying vans located in incorrect places.  
  • These staff send photographic evidence to the site manager who identifies the owner of the vehicle and asks them to move it.

The building has recently entered a new phase of work with significantly more mechanical and electrical engineering works on site, which has caused a change of professions working on site. We have asked the contractor to work with the new subcontractors in relation to advising on appropriate areas to park.

We will also ask the contractor to step up patrols in this area to enforce the message in the coming weeks.  

In addition, to alleviate any weekend issues, we will allow contractors to park in staff car parks to reduce the impact on neighbours over the weekend.

Extended working hours

Our contractor has applied to Manchester City Council to temporarily extend site working hours on weekends. Up until mid-June working hours will take place between 8am and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 

The works will be restricted to a limited number of operatives delivering the commissioning and testing of mechanical and electrical systems within the building and should have no impact on our neighbours. As the clinical activity is significantly less over weekends the Trust will instruct the contractors that they can park in Christie car parks to ensure that there are no disruptions to local residents over the weekend. 

For detailed information on the development of the Paterson site, please see our construction frequently asked questions.

Latest CGI images of the Paterson building, courtesy of Arcadis

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You can see how the building project is progressing in this video from May 2022.

How do I find out more?

Our community relations team will be sending out fortnightly updates about the construction work at The Christie. If you’d like to receive the updates via email or text, you can contact the team:

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