Current developments and what's coming soon

Keep up-to-date with developments at The Christie and see if any of our works will affect your journey to us.

Delivery update: 30 November 2023

Further to our update regarding the large deliveries expected to site during week commencing 27 November 2023, restrictions may be placed on the deliveries via a Greater Manchester Police vehicle movement order due to the adverse weather. Potentially site works may be taking place outside of normal working hours on Friday 1 December. We anticipate that site operations will be completed before 7:30pm.

Works update: 10 November 2023

The work on site to turn admin areas into a new 20-bed ward is progressing well. Below-ground drainage is being installed and delivery of the precast concrete lift shaft section will take place in the next few weeks. The concrete foundations to the extension are also being constructed.

Inside, work to build the new internal walls and fire protection works is continuing.

Repair works to the water main were undertaken earlier this week. Further evening works may be required to complete the repairs, and we will let you know in advance of these works taking place. Thank you for your cooperation whilst we carry out these repairs. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be undertaking the following activities on the building site:  

  • Installation of new electrical and mechanical services. 
  • Delivery of the steel framework.
  • Some Saturday working is expected in order to complete the external foundations.

Wilmslow Road redevelopment to form replacement advanced scanning and imaging facility 

We have submitted the planning application for this proposed development and the application is available to view on Manchester City Council’s planning application public access system.

Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) Project

The Christie “CEF Project” is a refresh of the way in which the Trust produces enough power to run the site. The project will significantly reduce the Trust’s future energy costs and CO2 emissions and will act as the first stage of its journey to reduce the carbon footprint of The Christie in line with Manchester City Council’s commitment for Manchester to be carbon neutral by 2038.

The proposed works have been carefully developed to have a limited visual impact to the hospital site externally. The majority of the improvement works will be contained within the existing buildings and will have no visible impact to neighbouring properties.

The project will require a new chimney which will be 3 metres lower and significantly narrower than the existing brick chimney. The chimney would be the only visible change noticeable on the hospital site. The height and proximity of the existing hospital buildings and large tree cover in surrounding the site will limit any visual impact.

The Trust will be applying for Planning Permission from Manchester City Council for the works.

The CEF Energy Project will introduce a range of energy conservation measures (ECMs) which will be deployed across The Christie hospital site. These ECMs will reduce the thermal consumption of the hospital estate by 15% and the electrical consumption by 16% resulting in an initial reduction in carbon emissions of 1,356 tonnes per annum.

Last updated: November 2023