Current developments and what's coming soon

Roadworks from 22 August 2022

As part of the planning permission associated with the multi-tiered car park, Manchester City Council required the Trust to commission some highway improvements around the junctions of Wilmslow Road / Cotton Lane and Cotton Lane / Heyscroft Road. These are due to take place from Monday 22 August for up to 4 months. 

The Wilmslow Road / Cotton Lane junction is being altered and 3 permanent pedestrian signal crossings are being installed, with associated alterations to the cycle lane and pavements to improve overall safety. Temporary traffic lights will sometimes be used to allow pedestrian and vehicular routes to remain open. 

The Cotton Lane / Heyscroft Road junction is being widened, with a pedestrian island installed in the middle of the road to improve the safety of those crossing. Temporary traffic lights will be in operation (only) during the works.

Paterson redevelopment project

In 2018, The Christie, The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK, announced plans for the redevelopment of the Paterson site, following the fire at the Paterson building in 2017.

You can find out about what's happening currently with the redevelopment of the Paterson site on our development of the Paterson page.

Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) Project

The Christie “CEF Project” is a refresh of the way in which the Trust produces enough power to run the site. The project will significantly reduce the Trust’s future energy costs and CO2 emissions and will act as the first stage of its journey to reduce the carbon footprint of The Christie in line with Manchester City Council’s commitment for Manchester to be carbon neutral by 2038.

The proposed works have been carefully developed to have a limited visual impact to the hospital site externally. The majority of the improvement works will be contained within the existing buildings and will have no visible impact to neighbouring properties.

The project will require a new chimney which will be 3 metres lower and significantly narrower than the existing brick chimney. The chimney would be the only visible change noticeable on the hospital site. The height and proximity of the existing hospital buildings and large tree cover in surrounding the site will limit any visual impact.

The Trust will be applying for Planning Permission from Manchester City Council for the works.

The CEF Energy Project will introduce a range of energy conservation measures (ECMs) which will be deployed across The Christie hospital site. These ECMs will reduce the thermal consumption of the hospital estate by 15% and the electrical consumption by 16% resulting in an initial reduction in carbon emissions of 1,356 tonnes per annum.

Last updated: August 2022