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Data Protection Impact Assessments

Data Protection Impact Assessments are an integral part of taking a “privacy by design” approach. Data Protection Impact Assessments are a tool that The Christie NHS Foundation Trust use to identify and reduce the privacy risks of projects.

Projects could include:

  • Introduction of a new paper or electronic information system for storing and accessing personal data
  • Update or revision of a key system that might alter the way in which the organisation uses, monitors and reports personal data
  • Changes to an existing system where additional personal data will be collected
  • Proposal to collect personal data from a new source or for a new activity
  • Using existing data for a new and unexpected purpose
  • Plans to outsource business processes involving storing and processing personal data
  • Plans to transfer services from one provider to another that include the transfer of information or information systems
  • Changes to or introduction of new information sharing agreements
  • A new surveillance system

A Data Protection Impact Assessment can reduce the risks of harm to individuals through the misuse of their personal information. It can also help us to design more efficient and effective processes for handling personal data.

Below is a list of Data Protection Impact Assessments from the last 12 months that the Trust has undertaken to ensure continued consideration is given to the privacy of its patients and staff:

  • DPIA31 IAM Portal
  • DPIA61 Lymphedema Surgical MDT Service
  • DPIA68 REACT Study
  • DPIA72 Co-morbidity in the ADAPT long term survivor population
  • DPIA90 Allocate - Health Roster
  • DPIA94 MS Teams
  • DPIA96 Interpreter Now Application (Covid-19)
  • DPIA113 Clinical trials remote access and privileged session management
  • DPIA120 Network Access Control And Segregation
  • DPIA126 Burlodge Tolleys
  • DPIA128 CWP Workflow engine
  • DPIA129 Scholar TJ - Charity funds payment scanning solution
  • DPIA134 national clinical placement for healthcare students in our proton beam therapy service

If you would like any further information in relation to the Data Protection Impact Assessments undertaken by the Trust, please contact

Last updated: June 2021