The Christie’s global reputation has been built on delivering excellent patient centred clinical care, underpinned by the following set of guiding values:

  • Compassion and respect
  • Giving quality care
  • Innovation

Organisations who choose to affiliate with The Christie do so as they respect these values and wish these to be reflected within their own organisations.

For an annual fee, affiliated organisations who are committed to improving the delivery of their oncology care, are given access to world leading cancer experts and education and training opportunities. They also gain benefit from the promotion of participation in the Affiliate programme in their own country. The programme will commence in 2020 and is fast paced, responsive and immediately accessible.

Affiliated organisations will all access a standard programme of activity. There is additional flexibility built in so that we can address the specific needs of individual organisations.

As an affiliate of The Christie, you will become part of a worldwide network of cancer centres. You will have the opportunity to connect with similar organisations in sharing learning through the Christie programme.

For more information, see our International Affiliate Programme brochure.

You can also download our Chinese International Affiliate Programme brochure.

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