The Christie CODE Quality Scheme

The CODE Quality Scheme was launched on Friday 20 March 2015.

It aims to raise standards and celebrate excellence in care.

Phase 1 of the scheme requires the inpatient wards to provide evidence of excellence in the fundamentals of care against 14 evidence-based standards.

The evidence will be obtained from a range of sources which will be triangulated to provide robust, meaningful verification of the standard of care being delivered and ultimately to substantiate gold standard care worthy of recognition and accreditation.

The CODE Quality Scheme Tool will translate all the evidence into an overall colour-rated status for the ward.

  • Gold status - 10 or more gold standards, no red standards
  • Green status - all standards green or gold
  • Red status - 1 or more standards red 

The ward will be recognised across the Trust as having achieved a Gold status standard of care by means of:

  • An engraved plaque denoting the achievement at ward level
  • A certificate and Trust pin badge for every member of the ward team
  • The procurement of something chosen by the ward team that will enhance the experience for patients (e.g. new artwork, equipment etc.)

Last updated: April 2023