Rebecca Hartley is our November 2022 You Made a Difference award winner. The following comments were made about Rebecca in the November nominations.

Judges picked Rebecca out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about her showed how she represents The Christie principles and behaviours.

“Beckie has been my nurse since the start of my journey. I first met her when I was still devastated by the news I’d received. I was scared, emotional and, very literally, didn’t know which way to turn.
“Beckie was the calm in the storm: caring, compassionate, and superbly organised. Slowly, she helped me to trust in my treatment plan. She was patient, kind, and always there when I needed a question answered, or some reassurance. It was not an easy ride, but she didn’t give up on me, even when I was probably unbearable! I may be strange, but I enjoy my appointments at The Christie now. I feel safe and cared for, and Beckie has been the person that has got me to this place.
“I really think she deserves this award. She has changed what began as a truly horrendous time in my life into an experience that is both positive and hopeful. Not an easy task, but one that she has done so amazingly well, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

  - Lisa Newton, patient

“Beckie works as a clinical research nurse in the oesophagogastric (OG) research team for the last 2 years, prior to this started as a newly qualified nurse on the Chemotherapy Unit where she worked for 1 and a half years. As a research nurse, Beckie recruits patients to Upper GI cancer clinical trials and supports them during the trial treatment process- organising and coordinating clinical trial screening and treatments and acting as the main point of care for patients while they receive their cancer treatment.
“Beckie works very hard and always goes above and beyond to help patients. In clinical trials, there are a lot of hurdles for patients to overcome to get on trials (waits for scans, biopsies, changes in blood tests that require extra tests and lots of chasing) – Beckie always tries her best to get past these barriers to ensure patients get the best care as efficiently as possible. She has had so much lovely feedback from patients about her care – how efficient she is, how well she communicates with patients about their treatment and more importantly how kind and empathetic she is.
“She is also extremely diligent, has great attention to detail and takes great pride in her work. She has been recognised by management in pharmaceutical company MSD (Merck &co.) for how efficiently she works with them and about the excellent standard of clinical trial data she provides them. It’s really no surprise she has been nominated by a patient and it’s nice to see her hard work being recognised outside of our team.
“Beckie is a mum of 2 boys who she is very proud of and is very close to her family. She is a keen walker and regularly goes on walking weekends with friends. Prior to nursing, she worked as an accountant and had a change of career a few years ago.”

  - Faye Williams, senior research nurse/manager

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