Julie Black is our March 2022 You Made a Difference award winner. The following comments were made about Julie in the March nominations.

Judges picked Julie out as a very deserving winner of the You Made a Difference award and said that the comments made about her showed how she represents The Christie principles and behaviours.

“I see Julie on a weekly basis prior to my treatment. From the start of my treatment in October 2021, she has been so patient, kind, and supportive – not just of me, but of my wife too.
“With blood tests being our first point of call every week, Julie is the first team member we see. She is brilliant in her role and will always go the extra mile to help not just us, but the clinical trials team treating me.
“She is a friendly face who makes us feel welcome, always asking after our children and family and sorting any concerns we may have. We look forward to seeing her and think she deserves recognition for the positive contribution she makes to patients going through challenging experiences. Thank you, Julie.”

  - David Norton, patient

“I think Julie deserves this award as she is ‘a good egg’ – she is a great problem solver, willing to go the extra mile, she does a great job on a daily basis, and we rely on her a lot. She is rarely off sick.
“She takes people (new staff and students) under her wing to teach them the skills of phlebotomy. She is very efficient, presents herself well, a good timekeeper, admired by her colleagues, trusted by patients…. a real trouper!
“A bit about Julie: her mum is in a care home, and she goes to see her most evenings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was obviously very worried about her. Her home and her family mean the world to her – she became a grandmother for the first time recently.
“She has a cat that is diabetic and as always, she has gone the extra mile to care for and love it, despite numerous visits to the vets to try and care for it. She has been to Mexico recently with a friend and had a thoroughly good time which she really deserved. She loves her home, likes nice things and has true friends that are also her work colleagues.”

  - Helen Donovan, clinical trials unit manager

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Julie Black, senior healthcare assistant