Joshua Welsby, healthcare assistant

Joshua Welsby is the winner of The Christie’s You Made a Difference Award for March 2023. The following comments were made aboutJosh in the March nominations.

Judges picked him out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about him showed how he represents The Christie principles and behaviours.

“Josh works as a healthcare assistant in outpatients. In his role, he works to help support patients throughout their time in outpatients. He helps talk to patients and throughout his 19 years working in the role, he has gained great insight into the treatment given and has gained many skills such as ECG [electrocardiogram], venepuncture and caring for patients with central venous access devices (CVADs)."

“It is not at all a surprise that Josh has been nominated for this award. He is hardworking and friendly. He has great relations with both staff and patients, and he is very hardworking. He will always go the extra mile for patients and has started to make this part of this daily routine.

Philip Roberts, manager

"For example, he will highlight early to pharmacy when a patient needs medication to take out and make sure he is able to go down and collect them so that the patients are not waiting around at pharmacy for medications.
“Josh lives a very active life – he likes to go on long walks and lives a very healthy lifestyle. He loves to spend time with his border collie Loki and goes to the park at least once a day. Josh loves to listen to podcasts on his walks and enjoys discussing football with both other staff and patients.”

  - Philip Roberts, manager

“I have been a patient of The Christie since early January 2023. Josh treats people with respect and empathy – always with a smile which is often reciprocated. He is very kind, caring and welcoming.
“Whilst waiting in the clinic for my appointment, I have often seen him talking to patients who are upset/stressed, and I know that they have appreciated his care and kindness and his assurance. I have been "on the receiving end" of his kindness when I first visited The Christie. I believe that empathy, kindness, and caring cannot be taught/learnt they are part of a person’s character.”

  - Jenny Yates, patient

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