Strike action from Thursday 27 June to Tuesday 2 July 2024

Junior doctors at The Christie will strike from 7am on Thursday 27 June until 7am on Tuesday 2 July 2024.

We are proactively contacting patients with appointments that may be affected. If you have an appointment on any of these dates, please continue to come to The Christie and our other centres as planned, unless we contact you to tell you otherwise. Please do not call to check if your appointment is still going ahead.

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Jane Haslett-Evans, senior clinical research nurse

Jane Haslett-Evans is the winner of The Christie’s You Made a Difference Award for November 2023. The following comments were made about Jane in the November nominations.

The judges picked Jane out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about her showed how she represented The Christie values and behaviours.

“Jane came to the breast research team from chemo day services 10 years ago, becoming a senior clinical research nurse in September 2018. She manages a workload of complex clinical trials; she is very supportive of the entire team both clinical and admin.

“The feedback she received from a variety of her colleagues for her recent performance development review reflects the hard work and diligence that we see daily. Comments include her excellent knowledge of research and her compassionate and caring approach that she shows to both her colleagues and patients.

Jane is a very hardworking and caring member of the breast research team, always there to offer support. Despite very challenging times with limited capacity from some service departments, she makes every effort to ensure the patients have a smooth journey as possible, through excellent communication with the patient, her immediate team colleagues, and other service departments.

Vicky Lau, clinical research nurse team leader/manager

“She has a very busy homelife with her young family. Jane is married to Tris and has 2 daughters, Ruby and Olive, who are both at primary school, and a dog called Betsy. During the last 12 months, she has lived through significant home renovations whilst pursuing further studies (Mary Seacole leadership course).”

  - Vicky Lau, clinical research nurse team leader/manager

“Jane had a patient in screening for a clinical trial. The patient attended for the first day of cycle 1 of their clinical trial treatment, and the IV chemo was made in the aseptics department. Aseptics informed Jane that unfortunately there was an issue with the medication drug, and it needed re-making. This unfortunately happened 3 times within the first day, and the patient ended up having to go home that day without treatment and return the next day to try again.

“Throughout this process, Jane was providing the patient with regular updates, so she knew what was going on as the patient was becoming increasingly anxious. Jane was incredibly comforting and supportive to the patient, going above and beyond to do everything she could to get treatment for the patient. Jane did not want the patient to attend the next day and have the same problems, so she began to troubleshoot.

“Jane worked closely with the pharmacy to establish any variables that could be adapted to avoid issues with the medication. Whilst doing this, Jane also had regular contact with the sponsor to arrange for an urgent new delivery of more drugs in case the batch was the issue. Jane also found a different trial from a different disease group to assess if they had similar issues and to request permission to use their supply instead as it was a different batch. Jane spent most of her week focusing on this treatment, staying late to get her other work done as she tried her absolute hardest to avoid the patient having to come off the trial. Throughout this communicating and supporting the patient as much as possible. Unfortunately, after a week, the patient had to come off the trial and go to standard of care chemotherapy. At this point, Jane did not stop supporting the patient.

“She asked the clinical research facility (CRF) if they could treat the patient with a different medication, as this would mean starting treatment sooner and avoiding more delay. Jane then attended the unit for the first day of treatment to support the patient and ensure everything went smoothly and to support the patient and team however she could to avoid any further delays. Although coming off the trial was not the outcome the patient or team had hoped for, Jane really went above and beyond to help and support the patient.”

  - Molly Sykes, colleague

Has a staff member, team or volunteer at The Christie gone above and beyond in their work? You can nominate them for the monthly You Made a Difference Award.