Halle Deering, research practitioner

Halle Deering is the winner of The Christie’s You Made a Difference Award for September 2023. The following comments were made about Halle in the September nominations.

The judges picked Halle out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about her showed how she represented The Christie values and behaviours.

“Whilst waiting for our appointment, we met Halle, and she was really wonderful. She was so supportive and helped allay our fears. She also put us in touch with someone who was able to answer our questions and when our appointment arrived, it is thanks to Halle that we felt more comfortable with our surgeon. You may say she was only doing her job but to us we both feel she went above and beyond what was required of her.

We want to express our gratitude to you for the personal and wonderful help and support we received. People today, we feel, are very quick to criticize and do not express their gratitude. We want to take this time to say a special ‘thank you’. We really did appreciate all the help and support and say you must be very proud of your staff. Thank you, Halle, for your kind and compassionate support.

Joan and Michael Barnett, patient and patient’s relative

“Halle has been a senior healthcare assistant in outpatients since February 2022 and has now progressed into a band 4 role with the research team. During her role in outpatients, she played an essential role in supporting patients and their families during clinic appointments, fully explaining what to expect and signposting them to further support available.

“Halle is a very kind, generous person, always making patients’ care her priority and striving to go above and beyond to make a patient’s experience in The Christie as pleasant as possible. She will always take the time to talk with patients during their clinic visits and would always remember something about each one, which clearly made patients feel more at ease and happy to see a familiar face.

“Halle is a very active person outside of The Christie. Enjoying going to the gym and going on hikes. The You Made A Difference award is very well deserved and her colleagues at outpatients are very proud of her achievements and hope she continues to progress in her career at The Christie.”

  - Sophie Shepherd, outpatients department sister and previous manager

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