The following comments were made about Ged in the August nominations. Judges picked him out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about him showed how he represents The Christie principles and behaviours.

“Ged joined the tissue viability service as a part-time tissue viability nurse in September 2021. He also helped out the service prior to that doing some bank shifts. He is well known to all the staff in the Trust as he worked in various areas for years including clinical skills, blood transfusion and The Christie Private Care. He is still working in The Christie Private care as bank staff. He is the jack of all trades. His experience gives big credit to the tissue viability service.
"Ged always wants to help staff and patients. He is conscientious and caring. He is a great team player and shares his ideas to improve the service. He is very kind to patients and always does his level best to help them. He is a very good teacher and shares knowledge and skills with students and new staff. This is a well-deserved award for his commitment to work and dedication to his patients. Very proud that he is part of the tissue viability team.
"Ged likes long walks and riding his bicycle. He looks after his mother 'he says' - in fact, his mother looks after him.”

  - Susy Pramod, tissue viability specialist nurse

“Dad has had ongoing issues with non-healing skin graft donor sites for more than 12 months. It's felt like a treadmill of dressing changes, 3 steps backwards and never any improvement.
I left a garbled message on the tissue viability nurse (TVN) answerphone asking for a TVN to be at dad's next appointment (if possible). Ged was there. He took charge and gave us confidence that we may finally see some improvement. Ged rang me with the results of dad’s swabs and signposted the next steps to resolving the now identified infections.
Ged was at the next appointment again and once more gave us both confidence that we're finally on the right track - fingers crossed!
"I've already told him how much we appreciate his assistance so far, feels like he's actually put a stake in the ground for us and has really made a difference. Thank you.”

  - Sue Kent, patient's daughter

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Ged McDermott, tissue viability nurse