Christie at Oldham team

The following comments were made about The Christie at Oldham team in the July nominations. Judges picked them out as very deserving winners and said that the comments made about them showed how they represent the Christie values and behaviours.

"The onsite team comprises radiographers, medical team, on-site consultant Agata Rembielak, linac support team, information and support office, engineers, and physicists. Margaret in the coffee shop although a Pennine employee is very much part of our team supporting patients with her never ending smile and friendly nature.

"Everyone on site works together as a close-knit team always with quality service and the patient being at the heart of everything we do."

The Christie at Oldham Team Received their award from Roger spencer
Caption: The Christie at Oldham team received their award from Roger Spencer

"As a manager, I am excessively proud of the team each and every one of them goes above and beyond in their roles to ensure quality care for our patients. The whole department regardless of profession or role works together to ensure every patient’s needs are met.

"They constantly strive to improve and develop not only themselves but the service as a whole. They are team players with the main goal of patient benefit. Striving for improvement examples:

  • Replacement programme – for a year, all staff worked across the network to ensure patient treatments were maintained
  • Developing new technology and techniques striving constantly for improvement
  • Cardiac service at Oldham and liaising with other Trusts to optimise care
  • Constant support from our engineering and physics team
  • HNA for every patient on radiotherapy with a 98% return rate
  • Community liaison and involvement
  • GP project and other community projects
  • Open days
  • Those little things that ensure patients feel like individuals, ensuring they get a birthday card if on treatment on their birthday, jigsaws, teddy bears for younger family members
  • Badges for languages staff speak

"All these things make us stand out as going above and beyond and say we care. We do make a difference. This nomination shows how by doing all these things we can positively affect a patient's experience of treatment."

Julie Davies, lead radiographer and manager

"Thank you for the care you have given me during my 20-session treatment plan for my prostate cancer. It has been a journey into the unknown, but this journey has been made comfortable by the considerations, empathy, human kindness, sense of humour, assistance, your ability to listen to my concerns and your sincerity when communicating with me.

"Above all, I appreciate your professionalism and the way in which you manage a very tight workload so that patients are not kept waiting therefore alleviating any potential stress. What started with trepidation has ended with a sense of family, a sense of belonging and the confidence of a new start. 

Hope that I will not have to return to The Christie, but having said that, I will miss you all, including Margaret in the small café area. In closing, I wish each and every one of you, continued success in all your endeavours."

Julian Sobczak, patient

Has a staff member, team or volunteer at The Christie gone above and beyond in their work? You can nominate them for the monthly You Made a Difference Award.