Supporting the next generation with gifts in Wills

For generations, people have joined together to keep hope alive at The Christie.

The Christie exists because of a gift that a local gentleman left in his Will back in 1931. Since then, gifts in Wills have become fundamental to our work against cancer. Today, 1 in 3 projects funded by charitable giving simply would not happen without gifts in Wills, including lifesaving equipment and research.

Each generation passes better chances of survival, a better quality of life and greater hope onto the next. And by including a gift in your Will to The Christie, you could be part of 'Generation hope'. You could help fund better treatments for cancer patients with research into more personalised drugs.

See how to include a gift in your Will.

Why we need more personalised cancer drugs

Cancer treatments have changed a lot in the last 20 years. It used to be more of a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, which sometimes meant poor outcomes and toxic side effects for patients.

But thankfully, with every research project, our understanding about different cancer treatments has grown. And as our understanding has grown, treatment for people with cancer has improved.

We now know that each patient should have a treatment that is specific to them. We need to do more to understand the biology of each and every patient’s cancer to achieve this. We know that each patient could benefit from an individualised treatment, which we call ‘personalised medicine’.

Currently, we only have personalised medicines for a fraction of all cancers but they are slowly helping us turn the tide on cancer. In some cancers, we’ve seen life expectancy double – and even triple – because of the way these medicines work. Personalised medicines also offer fewer side-effects and longer, fuller lives to people with cancer.

These cutting-edge personalised drugs could change the lives of cancer patients for generations to come. By funding research into these drugs, you could help create a better future for them.

“Gifts in Wills are extraordinary and generous. And particularly in an age where progress in medicine allows us all to live longer and to live longer purposefully." Find out why people like you have included a gift in their Will to The Christie.

Why gifts in Wills can help

Developing the next generation of cancer drugs will take years of commitment, expertise and the goodwill of everybody who cares about people with cancer.

One day, we will have personalised treatments for every type of cancer and every patient. But with over 200 different cancers and 44,000 patients to treat every year, it will be a long journey to get to that point.

Treatments for each of these cancers can only be developed as a result of painstaking research. This is why gifts in Wills are absolutely crucial. They are an investment in the future studies that will uncover each and every one of the next generation of cancer treatments. They will also help to develop the tests that we need to select the right treatments for our patients.

By including a gift in your Will to The Christie, you can help future generations of people across the UK have the treatments that give them the best outcomes and the best quality of life.

If you would like to pass on hope to people with cancer, please consider a gift towards the next generation of cancer treatments in your Will. Please complete the form below to hear from our legacy officer about gifts in Wills.

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Find out why so many people are choosing this personal and powerful way to stand against cancer. We would love to hear from you if you have a story to share too. You can contact our legacy officer directly on 0161 446 3979, by email at or find us @TheChristie on Twitter.

Thank you to everyone who gets in touch to tell us more about your hopes and wishes for the future.

“Gifts in Wills are extraordinary and generous. And particularly in an age where progress in medicine allows us all to live longer and to live longer purposefully."

Judith, Christie patient and supporter
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“For my father [Chad], a gift in his Will was his investment in hope for the future, giving more people the chance to do what they love.”

Cathy, Christie patient and supporter
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"You can’t put a price on what they gave me – but I’ve left them something in my Will."

Sarah, Christie pledger and supporter
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Last updated: June 2023