The Christie has been pioneering cancer research breakthroughs for over 100 years and today is at the forefront of cancer research and in delivering first-class treatment and care for patients.

Throughout our long history, grants and donations from charitable trusts and foundations have supported our research programmes. They have also enabled us to bring about transformational change through the creation of state of the art treatment centres, and a whole range of supportive care services designed to help patients and their families cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis in their daily lives.

However, The Christie never stands still and we continue to rely on support from charitable trusts and foundations to help us achieve our ambitions for patents who are currently being treated here and those who will be referred to us in the future.

Every grant, big or small, makes a difference to people affected by cancer. We would be happy to provide further information on any of our projects that meet your organisation’s own funding priorities.

Our projects generally sit within one or more of the following areas:

  • Supporting ground-breaking research
  • Care and treatment - includes capital projects and medical equipment
  • Patient support
  • Education – training the oncologists of the future

Philippa Charles, Director of The Garfield Weston Foundation, who we were delighted to receive a grant from in 2015 said:

"The grant was in recognition of the important work of The Christie’s researchers and clinicians who constantly strive to improve cancer treatment and care for the many thousands of patients who are treated at The Christie each year."

If you represent a charitable trust or foundation and wish to support us, then please do get in touch with Hazel Rushton. We would be delighted to share our plans with you and to discuss our funding priorities to support patients today, tomorrow and beyond.

Hazel Rushton

Trust and Foundation Manager

0161 918 7033 or at