When Linda’s husband David was being treated at The Christie, the art room in the hospital offered her the strength and space she needed to support him.

As Linda learned, dealing with cancer can be a challenging and emotional experience for everyone involved – not just the patients themselves. Linda found inspiration in the art room, a service that The Christie Charity funds.

When Linda discovered that such facilities are made possible thanks to gifts in Wills, she decided to include The Christie Charity in her own Will. By including a gift in her Will, Linda will help more people find precious moments of normality at The Christie.

As well as world-class cancer treatment, we offer a wealth of wider support at The Christie – and people like Linda will be helping to make it future-proof, by including a gift in their Wills.

“It’s such a magical space for patients and carers.”

“I got so absorbed in what I was doing that I looked up and forgot that I was in the hospital.”

One day, my gift will help others when they need a place like the art room to help them find hope, friendship, and creativity.

Linda, Christie supporter

By including a gift in your Will to The Christie Charity, you can help future generations of people across the UK have the treatments that give them the best outcomes and the best quality of life.

If you would like to pass on hope to people with cancer, find out more about including a gift towards the next generation of cancer treatments in your Will on our gifts in Wills pages.

A photo of Christie supporter Linda in the art room at The Christie in front of one of her paintings of a beach scene.


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