Hilda was a patient at The Christie, being treated for cancer 4 times. As well as being a cancer patient, Hilda was an energetic woman, a talented seamstress and a caring wife and mother. She was also a professional ballroom dancer and she and her husband Gerald went to the Blackpool Dance Festival every year throughout their 60-year marriage.

Thanks to treatment at The Christie, Hilda was able to spend more precious years with her family before she died aged nearly 90. Before she died, Hilda discussed including a gift in her Will with her daughter Sharon as thanks for her life-saving treatment.

A generation ago, patients held little hope of surviving cancer. Today over 50% of patients diagnosed with cancer will survive. It goes to show how far we’ve come in treatment and care for patients.

Hilda’s gift is helping patients spend more precious time together with their loved ones. With a gift in your Will to The Christie Charity you can help future generations benefit from the next breakthroughs.

“Without The Christie, mum wouldn’t have had so much time. She wasn’t far from her 90th birthday when she died.”

My mum included a gift in her Will because The Christie saved her life. It was a thank you, and I know how grateful The Christie is for my mum’s gift.

Sharon, Christie supporter and Hilda’s daughter

By including a gift in your Will to The Christie Charity, you can help future generations of people across the UK have the treatments that give them the best outcomes and the best quality of life.

If you would like to pass on hope to people with cancer, find out more about including a gift towards the next generation of cancer treatments in your Will on our gifts in Wills pages.

A photo of former Christie patient Hilda Grady in a formal outfit before she died.


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