Adele was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, part of the body’s immune system that fights infections. Despite having 10 types of treatment over 6 years, Adele’s non-Hodgkin lymphoma grew and spread aggressively.

Dr Kim Linton at The Christie invited Adele onto a clinical trial for lymphoma patients. The trial was funded thanks to generous supporters of The Christie Charity who included a gift in their Will to the Charity.

The clinical trial involved a new drug called NX-5948. NX-5948 was developed after many years of research and involves blocking and eliminating a critical protein responsible for keeping lymphoma cells alive and growing.

Thanks to being part of this charity-funded trial, Adele’s tumours are now too small to be measured.

Today, Adele is living the life she never thought she’d have thanks to gifts in Wills to The Christie Charity. And she’s not the only one – in the Paterson Building at The Christie, there are 650 clinical trials taking place at any one time. These clinical trials are giving more people like Adele precious hope for a longer, fuller life.

“I should have died 4 times but thankfully I didn’t.”

I’m still here, and I have to thank the exceptional care at The Christie for that.

Adele, Christie patient and supporter

By including a gift in your Will to The Christie Charity, you can help future generations of people across the UK have the treatments that give them the best outcomes and the best quality of life.

If you would like to pass on hope to people with cancer, find out more about including a gift towards the next generation of cancer treatments in your Will on our gifts in Wills pages.

A photo of former Christie patient and supporter Adele Adams sitting on a bench in the garden at The Christie.


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