Something amazing happens when you give to world-class cancer research at The Christie. Researchers could develop a new cancer treatment. Scientists could find answers to complex questions, leading to a treatment breakthrough.

And when a researcher solves a key issue in one area, it can help with new discoveries for different cancer types. This is how we will beat cancer, in all its forms.

Donate today and you can help fund the research to bring the next breakthrough into reality.

How donations have supported cancer breakthroughs

Kind gifts from Christie Charity supporters have already helped clinicians make ground-breaking cancer discoveries. Our revolutionary MR-linac machine, generously funded by supporters like you, combines radiotherapy treatment with MRI scanning. It can target cancer cells with more precision during treatment, reducing damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Since May 2019, we’ve been using the MR-linac to treat patients with a wide range of tumours, from prostate cancer to cancer of the cervix. You can read more about how the charity-funded MR-linac has supported patients at The Christie in our blog.

Cutting-edge treatment like the MR-linac can help transform the lives of so many cancer patients in the years to come. A gift from you today can support cancer developments in all areas – and help to one day beat cancer.

Proton beam therapy is also helping change cancer patients’ lives. Supporters of The Christie Charity have funded a state-of-the-art proton beam therapy research room and equipment. This helps our researchers understand how proton beams destroy tumour cells while reducing the impact on healthy tissue.

This means they can develop treatments to maximise on the advantages that proton beam therapy gives patients. Read more about how the research room in the proton beam therapy centre is helping to make cancer breakthroughs thanks to supporters of The Christie Charity.

Tell us about your support

Supporting The Christie Charity can change lives. And telling us about the reasons why you support us can help us keep changing patients’ lives in the future.

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Last updated: April 2024