Lymphoma patients are treated by a network of medical professionals, including medical oncologists, clinical oncologists, consultant haematologists, clinical research fellows, clinical nurse specialists, clinical research nurses, and a lymphoma nurse clinician.

And now, the lymphoma network needs generous supporters like you. You can help fund our clinical trial programme, and give patients with lymphoma more years with their loved ones.

How the lymphoma network supports cancer patients

Lymphoma is a type of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system. This is a network of vessels, tissues and organs that helps protect us from infection and disease.

The Christie is a centre of excellence for the treatment of lymphoma. Not just in the North West, but for the whole of the country. We provide advanced cellular therapies to lymphoma patients, and we are the Regional Centre for Central Nervous System lymphoma treatment.

As well as these excellent standard treatment options for lymphoma, we are also one of the largest clinical trial centres in the UK. This is especially reassuring for lymphoma patients with advanced cancer, particularly if their treatment options may be limited.

You can help lymphoma patients by joining our lymphoma support network and donating. Please fill in the form below to give today.

Your donations will help support lymphoma patients like Wendy, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in 2017.

As Wendy’s cancer was so aggressive, standard treatment didn’t remove the cancer and she was sadly given 3 months to live. But after taking part in a clinical trial, Wendy got the amazing news that her cancer had gone into remission. Read Wendy’s story to find out why she’s supporting more trials for lymphoma patients.

Why clinical trials are so important for lymphoma patients

At The Christie, we currently have 31 clinical trials for a range of lymphomas currently open to new patients. This means there’s more chance than ever that there’s a clinical trial for them.

But our experts don’t want to stop there – they want to be able to help even more. Because they know how much of a difference clinical trials can make to cancer treatment.

Current treatments and clinical research work together to extend and save lives. Clinical research also leads to some real breakthroughs – and it is research and clinical trials that has led directly to lymphoma survival rates improving so dramatically.

Some of our previous trials have looked at new drug combinations, using chemotherapy alongside stem cell transplants and cutting-edge antibody treatments.

These trials have meant increasing survival rates for patients with rare lymphomas, being able to cure more patients and even changing standard treatment for some lymphoma patients globally.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for generous donations from supporters like you. Your help can make a difference for cancer patients everywhere.

So please join our lymphoma support network now if you possibly can. Your gift could help to fund our clinical trial programme that gives a lymphoma patient years of extra time with their loved ones.

Last updated: July 2023