Wendy Norcliffe, Christie patient

In May 2017, Wendy began to feel tired, lethargic, and bloated. When she started eating a meal, she noticed she felt full straightaway.

After going to the doctors about her problem, a scan revealed a mass in Wendy’s abdomen. She had a biopsy, and Wendy got the difficult news. She had stage 4 cancer, the most advanced stage. It was large B cell lymphoma – a high grade, aggressive lymphoma.

Wendy was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day 2017 to start chemotherapy immediately. But after 9 sessions of chemotherapy, and procedures to help ease her symptoms, a scan showed that unfortunately, the cancer was still present.

There were no standard treatment options left for Wendy, but her doctor asked her if she’d like to take part in a clinical trial.

Wendy took part in a small early-phase clinical trial of a novel antibody drug conjugate. For 9 months she was monitored, with her blood checked every week.

Finally, she was given news of a remarkable result. Her cancer had gone into remission, with every scan showing her free from cancer.

Wendy is just one of many lymphoma patients who undergo treatment through clinical trials at The Christie thanks in part to the generosity of our supporters.

“I was told in December 2018 that unfortunately there was no further treatment options for me, and they gave me 3 months to live. That was December 21 2018.
“You just want to be well again. So I was quite happy to be given the opportunity to take part in [a clinical trial], with the hope that I would be cancer free.
“You know, without the donations, then you wouldn’t be able to pursue the trials, and try and get new medication to help people with cancer. They’re my world – they’re just fabulous.
“Had it not been for the care, support and continued dedication of all the staff and clinicians, I wouldn’t be here today to talk about it. You know, I just can’t speak highly enough for what they’ve done for me, and they’re worth every penny. Every penny.”

  - Wendy Norcliffe, Christie patient

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