Jenni Wagstaffe, Christie patient

Jenni Wagstaffe had her first operation for bowel cancer in 2014 followed by eight cycles of chemotherapy. When she got her diagnosis, she did some research and came across the peritoneal tumour service at The Christie.

After being referred to the peritoneal tumour service at The Christie, Jenni had a scan to see if her bowel cancer had come back. Unfortunately, Jenni’s cancer had returned and had spread to her peritoneum. The good news was that as the scan had picked up the cancer so early, Jenni could have specialised surgery to remove the cancer.

Here at The Christie, we treat people with advanced colorectal cancers. We’re one of only two hospitals in the country that can surgically remove tumours of the peritoneum and follow up by treating the abdomen directly with chemotherapy. This specialised type of chemotherapy is called HIPEC.

This treatment has been shown to almost double people’s life expectancy. And in some cases, our specialist treatment cures cancer.

Jenni’s treatment means that she and her husband Dick have been given extra time together. She’s supporting The Christie's Team Science appeal so we can help more patients like her.

“The new centre will help clinicians offer more surgical advances to other people, like the one that saved my life. It’s the best cause to support this Christmas.”
“I’ve been able to see my children settle down, find partners, and I’m now a grandmother. I would have missed all of this if it wasn’t for The Christie’s specialist abdominal surgery and care.
“My recovery was incredible, because everyone at the hospital, from the surgeons to the researchers to the nurses, everyone understood my needs as a cancer patient. That is why collaboration is so very important.
“That is why, this Christmas, we should help to bring all of Team Science back home.”

- Jenni, Christie patient


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