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With Christmas near, many people will start to think about returning home. But for some of our world-leading scientists and researchers, they don’t have a home at The Christie to return to.

In 2017, our Paterson cancer research building burned down. This meant our Christie Team Science members had to move into temporary facilities.

But now, it’s time to bring everyone back under one roof.

At The Christie, we are finalising plans to build an ambitious new research facility with our partners The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK. We want this to be a world-leading centre of excellence, with scientists and clinical teams working together using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

This means we can bring our patients the best cutting-edge treatment and care, including access to the latest clinical trials.

Scientists and researchers working together

In the world of cancer research, collaboration is vital. We have some of the most creative and skilled minds in cancer research working in our Team Science. But more and more important discoveries are emerging from experts being able to work together in one space.

In this new centre, our Team Science researchers will drive cancer research breakthroughs. Together with our partners at The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK, and with your help, we’ll create a home for the future of cancer research.

Our plan is to equip the new building with the very latest technology. This means our staff can track tumour environment, assess cancer genetics and precision therapies, and much more.

Professor Andrew Wardley heads up The Christie’s clinical research into breast cancer. Much of his team’s work relies on having access to a large sample of biomarkers – samples from patients, which allow the team to analyse tumours during different stages of treatment.

With the new research centre, we will have a world-leading biobank. This could help research teams including Professor Wardley’s develop new clinical trials for patients, as well as optimising the treatments that are currently available for breast cancer.

“By coming together, and having access to a state-of-the-art biobank, we can develop new ideas for clinical trials.”

- Professor Andrew Wardley

We need help from generous supporters like you to make this happen

Our new cancer research centre has the potential to make a difference to so many patients’ lives. It will have an impact on people affected by cancer across the UK and around the world.

This centre represents the future of cancer research and treatment, and you can help us build it by making a donation this Christmas.

Donate to our Team Science appeal today

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