In 2017, tragedy struck when a fire severely damaged our Paterson research building. Fortunately, no-one was hurt, but 300 of our world-leading scientists and researchers moved to temporary facilities in Alderley Park 13 miles away. 

While this caused disruption, research thankfully continued. 

A new world class transformational research facility on the site of the Paterson building is now being built. And with your help, we could progress research at a speed and scale never seen before in the North West. 


Finding better, kinder treatments sooner 

In the world of cancer research, collaboration is vital. We will have some of the most creative and skilled minds in cancer research working in our new research building. This means our experts can understand complex cancers and drive forward better patient outcomes. And patients can then benefit from those advances, faster. 

With our partners The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK, we aim to double the number of patients offered access to a clinical trial as part of their cancer treatment by 2030. 

A donation today will help turn this plan into reality and bring new hope to patients across the North West. Donate using the form below and help create a beacon of hope for cancer patients.

How your support can help cancer patients

Here at The Christie, we’re proud to help lead new innovations and breakthroughs in cancer research and care. The new transformational research facility will mean we can continue to revolutionise cancer treatment and patient care for decades to come. 

This will help clinical trials patients like Graham. Graham came to The Christie when his consultant recommended him for a ground-breaking immunotherapy clinical trial for his cancer. Within 10 months, he was showing no signs of cancer. You can read more of Graham's story to see why he's in support of more clinical trials being available for cancer patients.

Work is continuing at pace on the world-class centre, which is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2023. The concrete frame of the new £150m building is now 8 storeys high with the remaining levels to be completed in the coming months.

Now, we need your help more than ever to continue our work. Any donation – no matter how big or small – makes an enormous difference.