Bill Ridley, Christie patient

Bill Ridley was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013. After a number of scans and tests, the consultants decided that surgery was the best plan.

But during surgery, the doctors found the cancer had unfortunately progressed further than they originally thought. This meant it would not be safe to continue with the operation.

Bill started chemotherapy at Wythenshawe but he had a lot of side effects. The drugs affected him physically – he couldn’t eat and struggled to do other things for himself.

Then a trial clinical became available at The Christie and Bill’s doctors referred him to this. Bill started his first trial in 2014. He has since been on a number of different trials, and is doing well.

Bill says that the treatment he’s had at The Christie has been absolutely tremendous. His medical team are always on hand to take Bill’s calls and explain anything he doesn’t understand.

Thanks to treatment, Bill and his wife have now reached their golden wedding anniversary. He’s looking forward to spending more time with his 2 daughters, his son and his 7 grandchildren. And what's more, the success of the clinical trials mean that Bill reached his 80th birthday – a milestone he’s delighted to reach.

Bill’s supporting The Christie's Team Science appeal so we can help the next generation of patients like him.

“Since I’ve been on the tablet trial, I’ve never felt better. It’s the best I’ve felt in 4 or 5 years on this tablet. The quality of life changed overnight when I started taking the tablet.”
“Everything that’s happened to me, [the trials team] will document. When the next person has the trial, they’ll say, it can affect you this way or that way. Which is great.”

 - Bill, Christie patient



February 2020