Suzy Sperl, rare tumour oncology team clinical research nurse

Suzy’s been nursing for 7 years, but 2022 is her first year working as a clinical research nurse in the rare tumour oncology team at The Christie. She’s looking forward to experiencing her first Christmas here and helping the younger patients through the festive season.

At Christmas, The Christie staff go all out to support the patients in hospital. Suzy says the environment is very fun and friendly, with lots of music and places for the young people to DJ.

What’s more, The Christie even has a very special visit from Santa on Christmas Day, who brings presents for all the younger patients. Suzy says this really helps to lift everyone’s spirits.

Some of the young people that Suzy supports have Ewing Sarcoma, as this is a rare cancer that mainly affects younger people. And this Christmas, Suzy’s hoping that we can fund a new blood test to enable us to spot recurrence of Ewing Sarcoma as early as possible.

“While no-one wants to be in hospital at Christmas, I’ve got to say that the Ewing Sarcoma patients that I’ve nursed are some of the most resilient and positive patients I’ve ever come across, so I’m sure they’ll make the best of it. They’re such a positive bunch of teenagers and young adults – it’s remarkable really – and everyone’s looking forward to Christmas.
“But a new blood test for Ewing Sarcoma would lift the spirits of our patients and their families even more.”
“A new test would really help patients and their families and could ultimately change how we perceive a cancer diagnosis – something that would be incredible for all parties involved.”

  - Suzy, Christie clinical research nurse

Support our campaign to develop a new blood test for faster Ewing Sarcoma diagnosis and help improve patient outcomes for younger people this Christmas.